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Cell & Gene Therapy

For your Cell and Gene Therapy needs, we unified two of the best-in-class CDMOs: Center for Breakthrough Medicines, and Yposkesi.

Together, they offer a full range of services throughout the advanced therapies process, from R&D to manufacturing and commercialization, all with a global presence. Click on the link below and tell us more about your CGT projects!

Why consider
SK pharmteco
for your Cell and Gene Therapies?

As a trusted partner for biotech and pharmaceutical companies seeking to advance clinical trials and commercialize new Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs), our highly skilled scientists developed the platforms and processes that turn your ideas into treatments, transforming your patients’ lives. 

We have unparalleled expertise and a committed mindset to overcome challenges with our clients in transparent and productive partnerships that rapidly turn CGT into reality.

Learn more about our CGT facilities

Yposkesi is one of Europe’s largest CDMOs for CGMP cell and gene therapy viral vector manufacturing, offering two platforms: AAVelocity™ for AAV manufacturing and LentiSure™ for lentivirus manufacturing.

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