SK pharmteco's SmartPlatform Portfolio

An integrated solution for every CDMO process

Why SK pharmteco?

SK pharmteco is a leader in operational excellence and continuous improvement.
Our highly skilled team delivers innovative solutions utilizing advanced technologies.  We have decades of experience in each of our Platforms.  

What makes them so SMART?

Each Platform is available as a standalone service or combined with the others for enhanced service and exceptional outcomes.

Every Platform is designed for robust, scalable, and plug & play processing, linking unrivaled service to cutting-edge technologies.   

SK pharmteco’s SmartCat

Catalyst Design and Optimization – for higher process yields, selectivity, & reduced costs.

SK pharmteco’s SmartFlow

Continuous Processing – from bench to commercial scale using our modular technology, for greener, safer, faster, & cost-effective processes than alternative solutions.

SK pharmteco’s SmartPure

Chromatographic Solutions – including continuous simulated moving bed & batch chromatographic separation processes for complex purifications, such as chiral separation & oligonucleotides.  

SK pharmteco’s SmartShield

High Potency Chemistry – Capabilities for handling highly potent materials up to 10 ng/m3 OEL, including ADC payloads.

SK pharmteco’s SmartForm

Material Science Solutions – providing particle size control including milling, spray drying, & crystallization for better formulation.

SK pharmteco’s SmartTest

Analytical Services – with integrated testing solutions for both APIs & drug products including highly potent and controlled substances (I-IV).

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