Continuous Flow Processing

A Green Solution

Continuous flow processing can be integrated into a broader strategy of sustainable manufacturing. By optimizing processes to reduce waste, energy consumption, and environmental impact, pharmaceutical companies can demonstrate their commitment to environmental stewardship and meet regulatory requirements for sustainable practices. With decades of experience in continuous flow processing, SK pharmteco is equipped to support your project at all scales.

Reduced Waste

Continuous flow reactions typically run significantly more concentrated than batch reactions and are less prone to side reactions, resulting in better yield and better atom efficiency. As a result, continuous processes use less unit
operations, consume less solvents, and generate less waste.

In addition, continuous processes are amenable to recycling
strategies, resulting in a significant reduction in waste


The waste reduction achieved through
SK pharmteco’s solvent
recovery strategies

Lower Energy Consumption


Electricity used at
SK pharmteco is sourced
from renewable sources

Continuous flow processes can be more energy-efficient
than batch processes.

By continuously flowing reactants through the system, there
can be less downtime and energy wasted in heating and
cooling between batches.

Lower Solvent Use

By accessing higher operating temperatures and pressure, continuous reactions can be run more concentrated using more environmentally friendly solvents than in batch.

Also, flow processing is amenable to recycling stategies allowing for a significant reduction in the consumption of natural resources and reduction of transportation.


SK pharmteco’s large scale
solvent recovery drives
significant PMI reduction

Improved Process Control


Analytical, Automation, Chemistry, & Engineering work together at SK pharmteco to provide a robust, scalable continuous process

Continuous flow processes typically offer better control
over reaction parameters such as temperature, pressure, and mixing compared to batch processes.

This enhanced control can lead to higher yields, fewer side reactions, and overall, more efficient use of resources.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Continuous flow processing successfully addresses the 12 principles of Green Chemistry providing pharmaceutical companies solutions for improved sustainable manufacturing. Therefore, continuous flow processing demonstrates a strong commitment to environmental stewardship. 

Net Zero Carbon

SK pharmteco’s goal is to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2040

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